Professional LinkedIn Marketing for your Business in Singapore

For your organisation to be taken seriously in the online world, it is important to have an effective LinkedIn Marketing strategy. LinkedIn ads are a powerful medium when it comes to engaging both potential and existing customers, in Singapore and throughout the world.

Why should you advertise on LinkedIn?

Reach a captive audience on the number 1 portal for professionals and then drive this traffic to your site.
Target your advertisements by role / function, industry and location.
More cost effective than Google Adwords: impressions or Pay-Per-Click.

Why should you trust SEO Agency to help you advertise?

As the leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, our advertising specialists work hard to ensure you are reaching your target audience at a time that they are most open to hearing from you.

We assign a dedicated Account Manager to give you one point of contact and who can provide you with regular updates on how your campaign is tracking.

Our LinkedIn marketing strategy is second to none in Singapore

Target customers via geographic location (target a country or just a city)

Refine your target market by:
age, gender, job title/function, industry and level of seniority.

Combination of text, image or video ads.

Use various methods to attract attention: enticing headlines, eye catching images, videos.

What can you expect from advertising on LinkedIn?

Your traffic to increase which will lead to more leads and better conversion.
Your campaign to be closely tracked to ensure your click-spend is cost effective and reaching the audience you want.
Absolutely no set-up fees and absolutely no hidden costs.

It’s time to make an investment in the future of your business

$395 + GST per month + LinkedIn Spend

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