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Professional PPC Services in Singapore

Get seen first by people looking for your company’s products or services with a pay per click advertising campaign from SEO Agency. Run well, a Google Adwords campaign can increase visitors to your site and overall sales; run badly, it’s simply a way of throwing money away.

At SEO Agency, we provide professional PPC services that see a high ROI and real results. Our Google Adwords team is led by David Barella, a five-year Google veteran, who is supported by experts that can get you the best return on your Adwords campaign. One of our professional account managers will get to know you and your business, and the goals that you have. They can then lay out a plan to help you achieve these goals through adept online advertising.

Part of this plan is selecting keywords that will target customers who are searching for a product to buy or a service to hire; not just someone browsing for information. Our team members are experts in selecting these keywords across all industries.

Set Monthly Fee

At SEO Agency, we manage PPC and Google Adwords advertising for a set monthly fee. Unlike many other companies offering PPC in Singapore, we don’t take a percentage of your PPC spend. We therefore have no interest in selling you Adwords you don’t need. Instead we’ll only recommend that you target useful keywords that will provide you a return on investment.

With SEO Agency’s set monthly fee, there will never be any surprise bills. It’s easy to get carried away with pay per click advertising; with our help you can carefully manage your spend and only ever pay for what you need.