Is Buying Text links Good Or Bad For Your SEO?

Most website owners tend to shy away from the idea of buying text links and or text link ads. But little do they know, buying text links for your website is something that has nothing to really do with SEO. Of course the targeted traffic being brought to your site is a big deal, but at the end of the day the search engines don’t see anything wrong with using such strategies for your website.

SEO Advertisement Facts

The name of the game is advertisement, which means that adding your website’s link to another person’s website isn’t something Google is going to penalize you for. But there are underlying issues when it comes to buying text link ads that the search engines find unacceptable. And this is something every real webmaster is going to want to shy away from. Organic traffic and unnatural traffic is what separates real websites from the fake. There are some webmasters who buy text link ads and allow their ads to sit on popular websites that have absolutely nothing to do with their market. Why? When it comes to popularity, in the end it can help you build higher rankings. And the only real way to become popular quickly is by gaining it through another popular website. Trading, buying text links usually means that someone found a website helpful and wants to share it with others. But during these days of new innovative SEO techniques, buying text links is the thing to do. Not only is buying text links becoming beneficial for the webmasters and their SEO campaigns, but they are no longer serving their purpose, voting for a site.

Follow a Strategic SEO Approach

When it comes to SEO, search engines are trying to figure out how to tell the difference between a paid ad and a “vote.” Currently there is no way to tell, so there is no way for them to control link popularity. It’s becoming evident that most link brokers are now leaving behind footprints in their link codes, which may make it easier for search engines to figure out who is buying and selling links, instead of using them how they should be used. So the question is: is buying text links Good Or Bad for your SEO? For the time being, it’s neither good nor bad. It’s one of those optimization strategies that deem to be effective no matter how you attack it. But just like everything else, search engines will find a way for webmasters to utilize this form of advertisement much more effectively.